What people think
Business strategy I Creative consultant I Product Management, Giddy Digital
Sheena Macrae, Story Cake , Light cube

It is rare to find a mixture of business and creative savvy and this is exactly what Nicole possesses. I have worked and known Nicole for the last 15 years as both a creative and business consultant. She can be relied on for out-of-the box thinking and ideas and knows how to make great ideas come to life. Nicole is a versatile, creative product leader, and works across video, interactive, games, web. She is great at finding the best solution for the audience and market opportunity. Her ability to get the best results from teams and all levels of stakeholders is remarkable. I would not hesitate to recommend Nicole for creative, business and product leadership roles, and I look forward to continuing to work with her

Producer I Product Management , Disney's Club Penguin
Kevin Weatherston,  Global technology SAAS executive

Nicole is a superb leader who is able to build empowerment, trust and transparency throughout her team. She always focuses the right thing to do (which is rarely the easy thing), which always benefits in the long run. When she started at Club Penguin, she inherited a young team of managers that had little experience, and little knowledge of process or structure; virtually singlehandedly she was able to turn them into creative, passionate, efficient, process oriented production machine that was a key factor in the phenomenal success of Club Penguin. Nicole also is great to work with as a peer, echoing the same values of trust and transparency she has with her teams. If Nicole and I landed in the same city in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again! 

Business Strategy I Product Management , Scholastic Media
Nick Van Amburg, Creative strategy & Ad innovation Dot Dash

I cannot recommend Nicole Thompson enough for any senior leadership role. An inspiring, innovative thought leader and mentor, she is the rarest of talents: both visionary and tactical, A GM with a brilliant strategic mind who can build or optimize any business from the ground up and execute every facet of the business, obtaining exceptional performance and inspiring all who work for and around her. Her professional excellence is matched only by her joy de vivre and truly exceptional personality.

Business Development I Studio Management, Western Post / Int. Keystone Ent

Peter Ingram, CEO Mirage Screen Systems

Nicole Thompson is an excellent leader, and the best manager of people I have ever worked with. She possesses a unique demeanor whereby those that work with and for her feel challenged but not pressured, and are therefore motivated to contribute more to the organization than they would without Nicole’s leadership. Nicole motivates her teams by being enthusiastic, respectful and fair. She is a calm presence and a clear thinker. Nicole is open-minded to others input yet unflinchingly decisive when required. In addition to leading her operational team, Nicole excels at leading teams of managers. She is a strong strategic thinker, and creates a constructive, collaborative environment where senior staff can bring their expertise to the table and the group can leverage this knowledge. Lastly, Nicole’s pleasant personality makes coming to work fun everyday!