Case Studies

Digital & Content Strategy, Production management, Creative Direction.

Problem: Grow the brand proposition and awareness for a new organization, ocean wise within a red ocean of ocean conservation organizations. Differentiate value proposition and build community.

Solution: Marketing and content strategy on video and web to reach target audience where they are, on social and establish organization as the place to be, a centre of knowledge, a community to be a part of. 

Result: MOM and YOY increase in social followers and brand affinity.

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Go Math Academy

Business strategy, Product Management.

Problem: new business model for organization and design that fit the curriculum content as this could not be changed.

Solution: intensive customer research, insights and tests. Prioritization of design to customer priorities. 

Result: launched successful tool for parents and homeschoolers, provided baseline for new apps.

Disney's Club Penguin

Executive Producer, Product Management, Creative Direction.

Problem: drive growth and scale quickly game features, staff, localization and support expansion franchise.

Solution: player first, persona driven game updates, people first team development, creative/ brand development, hands-on localization pods.

Result: Growth and expansion of online game within a year to 3 regions, weekly game updates, consumer products expansion in multiple regions and stores


Here is a link from the GDC archives of my talk

" 150 million penguins can't be wrong"

At Club Penguin, I learned the most valuable lesson of placing the customer I user I player front and centre of business, design and creative 

bringing great ideas to fruition

Passionate for audience/user/customer people first experience.

The ABC's of People Power is with the right people anything is possible. Firstly, pull up a chair in the room for the people who are going to play/use/enjoy your product as they are the real boss, the star of every decision. Put their pictures on the wall, give them names, do what it takes to never forget who you are making the content/product/experience for.